A few tips to help you grow your Instagram profile



Wondering what else you can do to make your Instagram profile delight everyone who finds it? I have some great tips for you today! However, be warned – it will not do without your commitment

Use IGTV as a swipe-up for your website

A long way to the magic threshold of 10,000. your followers keep you awake at night, because only then will the swipe-up in Stories start working? How about the fact that by linking the IGTV video to your report, you can easily redirect recipients wherever you want? It just so happens that the link added to the description of the material published on IGTV is completely clickable. So you can say that IGTV can become a kind of “adapter” between Stories and your blog or online store. Also remember about Instagram verification

Create content for easy sharing – original boards in Stories

Insta Stories is the best place to show your audience that you can “get into their shoes” and understand their daily needs. Thanks to proprietary marking boards (bingo, word puzzle), checklists or supplements, you will not only encourage followers to interact, but also increase the awareness of your brand – there are few companies that regularly provide users with interesting boards that can be screened, filled in and shared with pleasure. !

Challenge your followers

You may not even suspect how a hit idea could be to summon the spirit of competition on your profile. Think about organizing a challenge related to your brand and thus generate regular interaction with your audience. Initially, the challenge may be short, such as five days. Just think how much valuable content you will accumulate during this time!

Good bio is not everything, give your guests a warm welcome

In the 9th issue of the “sprawny.marketing” magazine, I pointed out that many brands have still not taken care of their bio, which is, after all, the basic source of knowledge about what a given company does and what it can offer to its customers. However, there is never too much information to start with, so I encourage you to create a relationship in which you will briefly welcome people visiting your profile and at the same time encourage them to follow it

Start a dialogue with your audience… thanks to stickers in stories
Do you know that valuable feedback from your followers is at your fingertips? To find out if they are looking for technical tips from you, or rather typically inspirational posts, just ask. Survey stickers, Q&A or an invitation to a chat come in handy, where you can discuss a specific topic in a larger group.

Say goodbye to the story cliché and unleash your creativity

Pictures with the usual inscription are published by everyone. And you don’t want to be like everyone else. So use the tools built into the application and play with the form. Draw, separate letters, color backgrounds and put one element on top of another – such Stories are much more eye-catching and much more engaging. Below is an example of the same photo with the inscription in three different versions.

Develop your profile consciously and take care of safety

If you respect your time devoted to activities on Instagram, you will surely be interested in the possibility of additional security of your profile. Hacking an account or theft of data are situations that repeat far too often, and it is really easy to prevent them.


If there was a point on your New Year’s resolutions list about taking your Instagram profile to the next level, now you can proudly draw a heart next to it. You’ve just taken the first step in this direction – by following the tips in this article, you will definitely not be left behind!