As you know, each package has its advantages and disadvantages, as is the case with those made of cardboard. Depending on what we focus on when choosing a gift wrap, read the pros and cons of cardboard packaging to find out if they meet our requirements.

The main advantage of cardboard boxes is that they are really very cheap, you can often buy them for less than 40 cents. The production of such packaging is also very cheap, especially when recycling is used. Inside such boxes, special reinforcements are put in so that what we transport inside is not damaged. Another advantage is that cardboard packaging is easy to disassemble and fold, they do not take up much space, so they will not be in the way, it often happens that companies that produce gift boxes start their shipment with a few pieces, rarely you can order a single package So the fact that they are foldable allows you to put them in a safe place and keep them until the next time you need them. Another advantage is that we can decorate a cardboard box with any pattern that we invent ourselves or use those proposed by the production company, of course, we can decorate such a box ourselves at home, using the materials available to us. As you can see, cardboard packaging has many advantages, perhaps that is why they are becoming more and more popular and chosen by customers.

The main disadvantage of cardboard packaging may be its durability, but with this problem manufacturers are constantly trying to fight and improve the quality of their products. Another disadvantage is that they soak up water or other liquids, so you should not transport them in damp places or place in them unprotected products that may spill. Cardboard packaging is also flammable, it is not said that every box will catch fire at the slightest spark, but it is worth taking care of them and not transporting flammable materials in them or with them.

Advantages and disadvantages are, of course, an individual matter for each person, what is bad for someone else may be good for another. This article has compiled everything about cardboard packaging with the aim of helping you choose the best packaging that meets all your requirements. As you can see, cardboard has more advantages than disadvantages, so it may be worth giving such packages a chance, especially since their price is really very small, and also considering that we can decorate them as we see fit.