Reporting, calculating profits and losses, various programs and incentive systems for employees are an indispensable part of running your own business. Even if the business is prospering, control is the primary tool in the hands of the owner and boss. In addition, it is worth carrying out an audit in the company from time to time. This form of control will show any potential irregularities and help to improve its functioning.

What is an audit?
In broad terms, an audit is an in-depth analysis of the company’s operations, e.g. in terms of finance or the quality of customer service, as well as the skills and competences of employees. With its help, the effectiveness of control mechanisms in which the company invests is also checked. Audit is a positive tool that allows you to catch errors and identify solutions so that the company prospers better and brings more profits.

What is checked?
The control takes place in many ways. It is worth employing specialists to investigate the legal and financial aspects of the company’s operations. The audit should also cover the efficiency and course of communication with the client. For this purpose, it is worth playing the role of a secret customer who will check the quality of telephone, e-mail and direct customer service. Thanks to this, you will learn the method of presenting the offer and the sales skills of your employees, you will also verify that everything is going according to the assumptions.

Customers opinion
It is also worth conducting a customer opinion survey. They are critical to the company’s success. It will depend on their satisfaction whether they will use the services offered again and recommend them to other consumers. Asking customers for their opinion also strengthens the relationship between them and the service provider and allows you to pay attention to what is working well and what is worth improving.

Staff feedback
An equally important – and often overlooked – step is to ask about the company’s employees’ opinion about the functioning of the company. They know the company inside out. They usually have direct contact with the client, so they know his needs and suggestions best. It is worth listening carefully to their opinions and ideas. Employee satisfaction (with salary or work atmosphere) has a direct impact on the company’s image, customer service, and thus business success.

Employee work control
An audit is carried out to check how the company operates: to identify potential errors and develop solutions for them. It is also carried out to check the effectiveness of the control mechanisms used in the company and to ensure their possible sealing. After thorough training of employees, it is worth investing in an employee supervision system