Sales in the online store are influenced by numerous aspects, not only the offer itself or matching the products to the target group. E-commerce is a very specific way of selling that requires an appropriate individual approach. So how do you optimize conversions for your online store?

How fast is your e-commerce loading?

The answer to this question may be more important than you think. If it takes more than the standard three seconds, many users will resign not only from the purchase, but also from entering the website itself! Therefore, make sure that the store loads quickly and without problems regardless of the device used. Ecommerce loading time with all the elements is one of the basic factors for optimizing conversions.


Not only use call to action buttons (buy, check, try), but also test them regularly. Sometimes one CTA button will bring a better result, sometimes another – only tests give a measurable answer as to the effectiveness of individual copywriting. The key element for the conversion, however, is the use of this type of buttons and, above all, appropriate communication also in a graphic manner – whether it will be an additional color or a hover, you need to find a way to distinguish the CTA from other, standard elements of the online store.

How to use a given product?

Everyone currently shows and describes the product – it’s hard to come up with anything creative or innovative in this area, which will make our e-commerce stand out from the rest. What if instead of the standard description (or additionally!) There was also the use of a given good? Especially that it can be done in various ways – more graphically effective (video, infographics) or through a text description of specific tips. Such practical advice is at the same time an added value for the potential customer and user of the product.

Take care of the form of payment and delivery

Everyone has their favorite method of payment and, at the same time, a preferred form of delivery – make sure that the given user can choose the solution that is definitely the most convenient for him. Will it be a courier, a parcel in RUCH or a parcel locker – give it a choice. The lack of such a choice may result in the fact that, even despite the most attractive offer in terms of price, someone will choose a competitive store due to the more convenient form of payment. With such a huge competition on the market, you need to take care of every detail and every convenience that comes to mind – the issues of shipping and delivery are, in turn, key elements that must be taken into account when caring for the optimization of e-commerce conversions.

Show the best and most sold

Use the recommendation element – show those products that are considered bestsellers and are also the most frequently bought in the online store. It is always a form of incentive that effectively influences consumers’ purchasing decisions – if others have chosen a given product, it means that it is good and I should have it too. The list of best-selling goods is a reach for the consumer and facilitates his choice.