A user-friendly store, intuitive navigation, a very simple purchasing process, a wide choice of payment and delivery methods … when selling online, you know that a well-designed website is not the only factor that determines your successive increase in sales. You also need to develop a marketing strategy as well as choose the tools to implement it. Currently, marketing automation is the leader, which is an unsurpassed trend in effectively building relationships with customers.

You already have a website of your store, which was created on a template designed especially for you, it is properly displayed on mobile devices, the products are presented in an attractive way, and the content on the website is unique and valuable. In addition, you offer various forms of payment and delivery. Have you chosen CRM for e-commerce, thanks to which you will get to know your customers better, create individual contact paths, direct personalized content to them?

Increasing sales in the online store is not tantamount to taking actions that are strongly focused on material benefits. You have to realize that people generate profits, you should strive for their trust and loyalty.

The e-client, like the client of a stationary store, expects to be well served. Is aware that there are certain limitations that prevent the customer from talking directly to the seller. However, you can advise him, moreover, according to his preferences. Take advantage of bundling. One of the techniques is cross selling, i.e. recommendations for a product that has already been selected by the customer, for example, you can offer coffee beans to a coffee grinder.

The second option is up-selling, which is based on recommending the same product, but a better and therefore more expensive one, e.g. to a customer who chose a coffee machine without a grinder, you can propose a coffee machine with a grinder, thanks to which it will prepare your morning coffee in a much shorter time. .

Personalization of content
There is no need to convince anyone that the e-mail in the header with our name attracts our attention more effectively. We can feel special, we know that someone writes only to us, and not to many recipients, even if it is an offer from a store in which we recently made a purchase or a reminder that we left something in the basket. Today it is difficult to imagine online sales without marketing automation. The automated process of sending personalized messages to the website user or client greatly facilitates building lasting relationships with them. In addition, we always react appropriately at this particular moment – the user abandons the cart, so he receives a reminder and an additional discount. Personalized recommendations and newsletters are one of the easier ways to gain customer trust. It proves that you know him well, you know what his needs and expectations are, you want to help him make the right choice.

Consistent shopping experiences
Another trend is closely related to marketing automation, which also contributes to increasing sales in the online store. It is omnichannel marketing, i.e. multi-channel sales and a combination of several channels of contact with the customer, providing him with a consistent shopping experience. He has the option of using several channels of contact and purchase in an e-shop, thanks to which he has a choice, for example, he can contact the company via social media, order a product in its e-store, and pay in a stationary store. The ability to choose is a very good purchasing motivator.

If you want to increase sales in your e-store, you must always put the customer in the center of your actions, fight for their trust and sympathy. He is the driving force behind your business.