A good and effective database is a surefire success, which will certainly translate into sales profits and the company’s popularity. However, in order to properly attract customers, you need to think about certain aspects and not commit false steps that usually most companies do not pay attention to, while burying your own chances of attracting the attention of a significant number of customers.

Such an error can be safely called cardinal, because sending the wrong offer to a customer who is not interested in it may result in moving this and subsequent messages to the folder labeled “SPAM”.

What’s more – when collecting personal data – be careful not to break the law, which in turn is not too difficult. When customers fill out various forms or set up accounts on various websites or social networks, so-called boxes should be placed containing the necessary legal information, which the customer can (or not) check the box, thereby consenting to the processing of personal data, such as like name or e-mail address. If such a person agrees, then you can easily enter the address and name of the customer into the database, which is increasingly used by Internet companies as a “common marketing good”.

ATTENTION! At the same time, it should be remembered that the fields during registration should not be automatically selected, which is also a violation of the law.

Where to collect email addresses?

The answer is simple – in forms that increasingly pop up when visiting a given website. If a potential visitor is interested in continuing to follow the offers, they will sign up for the newsletter themselves. However, it should be remembered that the form should not be displayed to people who have previously subscribed to it or have rejected the offer once, because it may be perceived as intrusive, and at the same time – an unbearable problem, discouraging further browsing of the online store (or company).