Is it worth investing in paid advertising on Facebook?


Is buying Facebook ads a waste of money? Many people think so. However, their opinion is usually based on mismanaged ad positioning, which ultimately brings no profit. A properly set up Facebook advertising campaign can bring a lot of benefits to your business. What kind? See if it’s worth investing in paid Facebook ads and what they can give you.

Facebook Ads – What is it?

Facebook Ads h is an advertising system that allows you to set paid campaigns (not to be confused with sponsored posts). Ads are created in the Ad Manager and from this level the entire campaign is managed. This tool allows you to specify the group (or groups) of recipients and set the campaign budget. Facebook Ads can be displayed on all Facebook sites, i.e. Messenger and Instagram. Depending on the settings, they can take the form of a post, movie, graphic or photo carousel, i.e. several tiles scrolling in a row.

Is it worth investing in paid advertising on Facebook?

The Facebook Ads tool allows you to reach a wide audience. Algorithms evaluate the quality of the advertisement and the chance that the recipient will enter the link. If the advertisement is of high quality, we significantly increase our chances of success. However, for this to happen, you need to know not only how to set up a paid campaign, but also how to create it. Otherwise, investing in paid advertising can actually be a waste of money. For this reason, it is also worth investing in cooperation with a marketing agency. Specialists, will create a campaign strategy for your company, and then they will run and monitor it. This way you can be sure that Facebook Ads will bring the expected results.

The advantages of paid advertising on Facebook

Facebook Ads is a good tool for promoting business, including the services or products offered. A well-set up advertising campaign brings almost immediate results. Thanks to paid campaigns, we can reach a wide audience in a short time. The great advantage of the ad manager is the ability to profile recipients. This allows you to increase your sales opportunities.

The Facebook Ads tool also allows you to monitor ongoing campaigns. We have access to statistics and analyzes. We can analyze on an ongoing basis which parts of our campaign bring the greatest profits and whether it is worth changing something to optimize activities and effects.