Is working with digital content aggregators a good idea?


Music currently functions mainly in digital form, the best proof of which is the universality and enormous popularity of streaming services, such as Spotify. For this reason, artists, in order to appear, must not only be present, but also properly visible on the web.

Music promotion must therefore focus on the principles that govern these platforms. It seems particularly important to be present in special quotes that reach a large group of potential recipients. How to take care of it? The optimal solution may be cooperation with specialists. For example, with digital content aggregators. Is it worth choosing? What is it and what exactly is it about?

Earning on Spotify – distribution and promotion
Aggregators are entities that work with both content creators and music labels, as well as the owners of quotes and people responsible for marketing. Their activities focus on the following elements.

Music distribution – it is delivered directly to streaming services. Not only for Spotify, but also for Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and many, many more.
Content optimization – services related to meeting the requirements of the algorithms responsible for the preparation of the aforementioned quotations.
Promotion of music – consists in the preparation and implementation of extensive marketing activities that are to improve the exhibition of creativity, as well as reach the largest possible audience with it.
As can be seen, the assistance provided by aggregators can be comprehensive. Thanks to this, the musicians do not have to deal with everything themselves. What’s more, with a well-prepared contract, they can only focus on what is important to them, which is making music.

This is especially important for people who are simply not familiar with the mechanisms related to digital distribution and promotion of musical creativity. These types of issues are the responsibility of specialists who know what they are doing.

In this respect, working with music aggregators seems very profitable. Of course, the question of choosing the right entity is still a matter of course. It is worth targeting mainly companies that not only provide a large range of activities, but also enjoy recognition on the market. An analysis of the offer and opinions published on the web will allow you to make the right decision, which will bring real benefits in the form of a chance to gain a large audience.