Private vs public account on Instagram – which is better?


You decided to set up an Instagram account but are wondering if it should be private or public? Can’t decide or don’t know the specifics of these accounts?

Read this article and you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and you will know what to consider when making a decision.

The specificity of a public account on Instagram
When creating an Instagram profile, a public account is automatically started. This has a lot of advantages as your posts are visible to all people, even those who aren’t following you. For this reason, it is recommended primarily to those users who want to use Instagram to gain popularity or to promote their business.

A public account also allows our posts to reach new users all the time. Anyone can observe you without requiring your approval. This is important when we decide to buy followers.

Such gaining followers is possible only when our account is public. Thanks to this, more people can also like our photos, as well as share, comment and react. Our InstaStory will also be displayed to all users. All this makes the public account much more likely to reach new people. Your posts will also only appear in the search engine if the account is public. Therefore, with the help of appropriately selected hashtags you can reach a wide audience.

The specificity of a private account on Instagram
The public account can be changed to private at any time by going to the settings. Your posts will then only be visible to those who follow you. Any new user interested in your profile will have to ask for permission to follow. You can approve or reject it.

This type of account is good for people who treat Instagram as a personal space reserved for themselves and their immediate surroundings. However, it will not work for those who want to create a popular account or become an influencer. A private account also prevents you from reaching new people freely and buying likes or followers. Therefore, it gives much less development opportunities.

Private vs public account – which one to choose?
When choosing the type of account you want to run on Instagram, be mindful of your own intentions and intentions. If you use Instagram as a form of your diary or portal through which you capture and share interesting moments of life only with friends and family – choose a private account. You will be sure that no stranger will be watching your actions. You will also be able to decide who can and cannot follow you.

However, if you want to use Instagram to promote your company, reach new potential customers, or gain popularity as a private person, or share your interests with users – a public account will be definitely better. It gives unlimited possibilities of reaching a wide audience.

In addition, with such an account you can quickly gain new followers, buying them, for example, on the website In this way, you can quickly expand the community that follows us, which is extremely important in the further development of the account. A public account allows new people to write to you, comment and like your posts, react to a story. If you gain enough popularity, your content will automatically appear in the search engine as well. A private account does not allow this. Therefore, if you want your profile to reach as many people as possible, a public account will be much better. Applying all the rules necessary to develop your account, such as posting at the right times, or using the right hashtags, will bring much greater results with a public account. So if you care about a large number of followers and likes – choose a public account and you will not regret it.