Real Time Bidding – how does it affect the company’s development?



Real Time Bidding (RTB) is a frequently used model for purchasing advertising space through auctions. What exactly is RTB and how can it influence the company’s development?

Visual advertising using advertising space is still doing very well – it is also widely used on the Internet, allowing advertisers to obtain space to present their own ads.

What is Real Time Bidding (RTB)?
One of the models that allows you to buy online advertising space is Real Time Bidding (RTB). This term refers to an automated model of purchasing advertising space in real time using the auction model.

Contrary to the usual purchase of space, the Real Time Bidding (RTB) model buys specific views that allow you to match a given target group of recipients, and thus achieve more effective results in advertising.

The RTB market includes:
demand side (DSP, Demand Side Platform) – interactive agencies, media houses
Supply Side Platform (SSP) – a platform generating advertising space
data warehouse (DMP, Data Management Platform) – has data about users
The RTB system works automatically and the auction takes less than a second, therefore it allows you to obtain advertising space quickly and efficiently, as well as at low prices – the advertiser ultimately pays only one “cent” more than the bid bid. Due to the fact that the effectiveness of the advertising space purchased in the RTB model is so high, it is also a profitable investment that allows you to promote your company on-line.