Caring for the environment is a very important issue for companies that want to be competitive nowadays. Both contractors and individual clients pay more and more attention to the company’s policy and its pro-ecological activities. To give an objective certificate of responsibility towards nature, it is worth implementing a certified ISO system.

Environmental management
The Environmental Management System compliant with ISO 14001 aims to reduce the negative impact of the organization on the environment. This task is carried out by minimizing the amount of pollution and waste generated in the company. The second course of action aims to reduce the consumption of electricity, heat, water and raw materials. Thanks to the introduction of this standard, the efficiency of the company’s operations increases, which translates into specific financial benefits.

Energy under control
ISO 5001 is the standard that is responsible for the energy management system. Thanks to its implementation in the organization, it is possible to reduce energy consumption, thus reducing the costs of current operations. In addition, this standard promotes the increase in the use of energy from renewable sources. The introduction of this system involves both organizational changes and the replacement of devices with energy-saving or thermal insulation of buildings. Due to such actions, the demand for electricity and heat decreases and the efficiency of using the energy consumed increases. The correct operation of this system is controlled by the ISO 5001 lead auditor. A person in such a position must have excellent knowledge of the issues related to energy management, as well as the guidelines of the standard itself. The lead auditor carries out large audits that verify that all ISO 5001 assumptions have been properly implemented and that the system is being improved to continuously improve energy use practices. In order to obtain the necessary competences to perform these tasks, the ISO 5001 lead auditor should take part in a dedicated ISO training: