The art of choosing the right logistics partner



Today, few manufacturers create their own logistics network – this is a large and usually unnecessary cost.Finding the right logistics partner turns out to be a much more popular solution. Someone,
who will increase the possibilities of our company and allow us to run our business freely without taking over anything related to distribution and logistics.

So the problem of choosing the right partner arises. It is not an easy thing, but to make the choice easier, we can use four equivalent categories.In the logistics industry, the experience gained in a given region turns out to be as important as almost anywhere.

Experience  shows an unclear but often key issue: partner reporting of costs
activities, deadlines and other important matters. Most of our business decisions, sometimes, depend on the reports after all, essential to the company’s future. An incorrectly created report will take away a valuable one time, energy and can lead to errors – it is enough if it is incomplete, chaotic or full of unnecessary information. Meanwhile, a well-structured report does not require further processing – we get exactly this information,which we need and in a form that does not require consultations, corrections or additional explanations.

International transport services are a key element of many businesses. Choosing the right partner is essential.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

First of all, outsourcing is a decision influencing the optimization of processes in our film. The possibility of delegating individual tasks allows you to focus on the goals and tasks of the company.

Use of experiences. A bit holistic argument, but who of ours hasn’t heard the saying “if you do all you don’t really do anything” – or if you do everything then you don’t really do anything. It can be paraphrased in quality, if you are manufacturing everything from a pen to a combat helicopter then most likely you are not doing any of these well.

By outsourcing logistic activities to the right company, we gain a partner who deals with this part of the activities in everyday work. Therefore, it has the ability to polish it to perfection, research a part of the market (not the entire market but the logistics market) and improve its activities. So it is very likely that they will do it better than us J.

Optimizing costs by converting fixed costs into variables is another argument in favor of delegating tasks to an external company. Outsourcing can save us from building our own logistics facilities, training employees or renting a warehouse on our own.


Are you looking for companies that will help you build commercial facilities or from the ecotourism and resorts industry? Here, too, verify the company well before signing the contract.


A very important aspect that should be considered before starting cooperation and certainly before signing the contract. When outsourcing activities to an external company, it is almost always necessary to share sensitive information such as customer database, databases or lists of contractors. There is always a risk that an unproven company may use this data for its own benefit.

The key is a clear, clear and precisely defined contract.


When choosing a partner, we want it to be an expert in the field of logistics. An expert with an established position on the market. Opportunity to share examples of cooperation that have benefited another company. Simply put, it has a portfolio and proof of life
(documentation of successes).


An important element of the logistics process is the warehouse. You could say that this is the heart of the service. This is where the goods are delivered, stored and repacked there, and from there they are transported to the end customer. When a partner has his own warehouse, we gain a very large benefit (additionally, it is a strong proof of life element).

A good solution is to take the time and visit your partner’s warehouse to check the actual conditions.

Range of services.

It is worth verifying which partner you are planning to choose offers the range of services. Does it include services that meet our needs? In addition, we also use outsourcing for development purposes. We want our company to grow and develop our service portfolio. It is important that the partner is flexible and is able to plan to cover the increasing demand, so that the cooperation can be planned for years