What areas of the company’s operations are affected by fleet management software?



Why are companies opting for fleet management software?
The key role is played by time and employee management in such a way that they work with the highest possible efficiency, which can be easily and measured in a simple, measurable way, for example by comparing their delivery times or vehicle fuel consumption on one tank to other drivers from the company.

For this, the issue can be described on two different examples. First, if we have two drivers who are driving the same vehicle on the exact same route, and one of them burns 15% more fuel, this is a situation worth considering.

Another example may be the optimization of the working time of people who manage the fleet, i.e. looking for new, free from traffic jams and additional fees, communication routes.

Vehicle fleet management and software: what should we remember?
It is definitely worth choosing solutions that approach the company’s fleet in an extremely comprehensive manner. Fuel consumption data taken out of context, which cannot be compared with information from previous months or years, is unlikely to show us full information about the condition of our company.

Information collected in such SaaS software should inform the business owner or his designee as to what may be causing the sudden drop in performance of one of the vehicles. For example, it may turn out that the new route we have chosen to transport goods to France is much worse than the one we used before, despite the fact that the driver covers, for example, 70 kilometers less.

An important and often underestimated issue that can save us from problems with the tax authorities in the event of an audit is the automatic mode of settling business trips. Good software should automatically create a list of points visited together with reports on crossing the border and the total length and time of the entire journey.

There is no room for mistakes in car fleet management
The larger the fleet in the company, the greater the chances that an oversight may happen to us. If our business has, for example, 15 vans and the same number of vehicles for representatives, it is easy to skip a periodic technical inspection. Penalties for moving a vehicle without a valid inspection or renewed third party liability insurance policy can be counted in hundreds of zlotys.